CytoSen’s NK Cell Therapies Are Scalable with Broad Applications

NK cells serve as the immune system’s “surveillance system” for detecting and killing cancer cells.  As “first responders” in the body’s attack on cancer cells, they can both directly kill cancer cells, as well as serve to mark the cancer cells for adaptive immune memory response.   Substantial translational and clinical data indicate adoptive NK cell therapy is a promising approach that is distinct from and complementary to T cell-based approaches.  NK cells naturally have a complex set of activating and inhibitory receptors to identify target cells across many different cancer types, without genetic modifications leading to an excellent clinical safety profile and biological synergies with other cancer treatment modalities.

CytoSen’s science enables clinical programs that reinforce the native immune system with adoptive NK cells for therapy against cancers.  In cancers such as AML, ovarian, NSCLC, multiple myeloma and esophageal, the innate immune system of a cancer patient is incapable of mounting a sufficient anti-cancer response.  Adoptive transfer of sufficiently high dosages of NK cell that are ex vivoactivated to be highly cytotoxic can augment the patient’s innate immunity to eliminate the cancer cells for durable cure.  CytoSen’s product pipeline strategy which has the potential to bring CytoSen’s NK cell therapies to over 100,000 cancer patients each year.