About Us
Corporate Overview & Mission

CytoSen Therapeutics is an innovative team of medical and scientific professionals on a mission to advance natural killer (NK) cell therapeutics and to make it a real cure in the fight with cancer. Our mission is to accelerate innovation in NK cell therapies to deliver effective and safe to patients with the most difficult cancers through an innovative patented nanoparticle approach that both stimulates and expands NK cells to enable the production of therapeutically effective dosages of high potency.

Cutting Edge Particle Based Natural Killer (NK) Cell Therapy Platform

  • Unprecedented outcomes from clinical trials conducted by CytoSen scientific founders
  • Superior NK cell expansion supports multiple high dose infusions
  • Highly active NK cells with enhanced cytotoxicity to kill tumor cells
  • IP portfolio with issued U.S. and European patent and multiple pending patents

Lead Candidate, CSTD002, Best-in-Class Natural Killer (NK) Cell Therapy

  • To be conducted through consortium of leading U.S. research hospitals
  • Clinical study designed for RMAT designation
  • Commercially viable manufacturing process established with KBI Biopharma